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Say goodbye to tanning oils and tan lines. We’re talking strictly about skin here. The sun is not your friend when it comes to your skin. The sun ages and wrinkles your skin quicker than age! We have products we love that will give you the sun-kissed glow you strive for throughout summer without the damage sitting in the sun does! But before we show you the goodies, lets dig into WHY the sun is a FOE.


Skin guru, The Skinny Confidential’s, Lauryn Evarts, wrote an entire book about why you should get the fuck out of the sun.


But here are our reasons why:


Too much exposure to the sun’s harmful rays can cause sunburns and affect the skin’s growth and appearance. Let’s break it down, ultraviolet light aka UV rays are categorized as long (UVA) or short (UVB). UVA rays travel deeper into your skin causing a disruption in skin cells. UVB rays give you sunburns.


Over time, sun exposure can lead to less elasticity and leathery textured skin. Nobody wants that. But even worse, it could lead to cancer. So let’s use our SPF and get the fuck out of the sun.


PS did you know SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor? Quiz all your besties.

Here are some of our favorite SPF’s! Don’t forget your lips too!

SUPERGOOP UNSEEN SUNSCREEN – literally undetectable. Wear it under makeup or by itself and you’re set! The best part is it doesn’t smell or feel like sunscreen at all!


BADGER’S SUNSCREEN – good for your body and reef safe. Completely non-toxic so you know you can trust it.



SUNBUM SUNSCREEN LIP BALM – luscious lips taste like watermelon all year long! Use this baby daily and protect your kisses from the sun!


Wearing an SPF will make a difference long term in the health and appearance of your skin. Have we made that clear yet? And good skin is always in.



Okay onto the fun part – how to get that TAN without the SUN.



LUX UNFILTERED BRONZING FACE DROPS – with this baby you can say goodbye to sun exposure AND makeup! It’s that good. Mix 3-4 drops with your moisturizer the first couple of times you use it, then when you’re a pro you can apply it after your moisturizer.



BALI BODY TANNING MOUSSE – 30 shades darker in an instant! This is my go-to when I know I have an event coming up and I need to be tan af. Don’t forget to buy the glove too for a better application.



And who knows, maybe you'll find that we may be cookin' up some fun things for our nova-verse. Stay tuned!

That’s all for now! TTYL besties! Xx


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